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Litter Fresh 8oz 1900 Sprays Bottle

Price: $12.95
Item Number: 85582100083

Litter Fresh

By Safe Surface

Stop Embarrassing Litter Box Odor in Your Home

Are you tired of having people say “How many cats do you have” the minute they enter your house?

Litter Fresh is not just another litter odor cover-up, Litter Fresh has no added perfumes or odors. Litter Fresh eliminates the cat box odor and keeps on neutralizing the odor for days.The 8oz bottle of Litter Fresh has over 1900 sprays and will last for over two years. Litter Fresh is non-toxic, biodegradable, long lasting, easy to use and odorless. Litter Fresh will eliminate the odor in your cat's Litter box, will allow you to go longer between changes and allow you to reuse the majority of the litter.